After getting a vehicle’s auto glass repair service, understanding post-replacement care is imperative to maintain its longevity and durability. The maintenance you’ll do after availing 24 hr auto glass repair services will reflect how well the new glass will cohere your vehicle. Thus, to help you with this, read this blog post till the end to know what you should do after auto glass repair replacement to take care of your vehicle’s glasses.

 Tips To Ensure Your Auto Glass Lasts Longer

The carelessness towards the newly repaired glass can cause trouble like breaking and shattering glass. Read on to learn all things you can do to avoid mishaps.

1. Be Gentle While Shutting The Door

You have invested your savings in buying your dream vehicle. Hence you can’t afford to take its maintenance for granted. Therefore, after taking 24 hr auto glass repair service, you need to ensure that you don’t slam your vehicle’s doors frequently. It’s because the adhesive and molding take time to get fixed as unfixed molding will lead to puncturing of the seal. Thus, taking proper precautionary measures for an initial two or three days is advisable to fix the seal.

2. Avoid Removing Retention Tape

After receiving your vehicle from auto glass repair servicing, it becomes crucial to take care of your vehicle a bit more than you usually do. While servicing it, the professionals use adhesive tape on the glass to intact the seal. Removing the adhesive will leave the seal undried, and because of this, your auto glass repair service will remain unuseful for you. Thus, it’s best to avoid ripping off the adhesive till the time seal gets completely dried.

3. Don’t Immediately Rush For Pressure Washing

Giving your vehicle a pressure washing service after 24 hr auto glass repair can lead to molding displacement. Thus, to ensure that it doesn’t happen, it’s best to wait almost two days before the seals get set off. Once the seal dries, you can give your repaired vehicle a shiny makeover.

4. Avoid Vehicle Exposure To Heat

Once your vehicle is serviced with 24-hour auto glass repair in Naples, FL, your vehicle demands utmost care for a few days. Thus, to ensure your glass’s longevity, it’s better to avoid parking it under direct sunlight. Exposure to heat can cause more cracks on your windshield. Thus, to avoid running your vehicle’s glass, it’s best to avoid parking it in high-temperature areas.

5. Avoid Driving In Stormy Weather

Another way to maintain your vehicle after getting glass repair services is to skip driving your vehicle in stormy and harsh weather conditions. Moreover, driving on gravel roads with tiny rocks and pebbles can cause more damage to your auto glass.

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